Who Can Benefit?

Diana has seen the benefits of JFB-MFR treatment in patients with:

·  Chronic Pain

·  Fibromyalgia

·  Headaches

·  Pain from scar tissue

·  Chronic Lung Conditions

·  Arthritis

·  ALS

·  Joint Replacements

·  Scoliosis

·  Pelvic Floor pain

·  TMJ pain

·  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

·  Pain from Traumatic origin (including car accidents, concussions, etc.)

·  Repetitive Stress Syndrome 

·  Poor Posture

·  Anxiety

·  Neuromuscular Conditions

·  Spasticity 

·  Pediatrics

·  And much more! 

Additional Services

Pelvic Floor Treatment - Diana is skilled in treatment of the pelvic floor, for anyone experiencing pain or dysfunction after labor, c-section, hysterectomy, or other women's health issues.  Pelvic floor treatment can be highly effective in normalizing bowel and bladder function.  

Intra-oral Treatment - Diana provides gentle treatment to the inside of the mouth, for people experiencing TMJ or other intra-oral pain, or who may have had oral surgeries and now have scar tissue in the mouth.  

Call Diana to discuss your options for treatment:

(347) 834-4543