Elizabeth Wipff,
Brooklyn, NY

As a lifelong mover, competitive athlete, and fitness professional of 20-years, I have a huge toolkit of bodyworkers and self-care techniques.  Little did I know that I was missing something!  And that something is Diana Lomonte & MFR.

I live a very active life and ask a lot of my body.  Sometimes I ask too much. Sometimes I get injured or just over-do it.  I know that if I spend a few MFR sessions with Diana I will be good as new in no time and back to doing what I love.

What is unique about MFR is that it treats both the specific physical issues I am dealing with and the mental/neurological stressors that make pain & dysfunction difficult to manage.

MFR puts me in a potent state of deep relaxation that accelerates renewal and recovery.

As a practitioner, Diana not only talks the talk but she walks the walk.   I trust her and appreciate the deeply intuitive and quiet way she works.  Yes, Diana works on specific issues with the tissues but there is something much more holistic happening here.  The slow gentle approach of MFR and Diana’s incredible ability to see and manage my entire being is truly transformative.  I leave every session feeling physically better, mentally clear and deeply rested.   This experience is what makes working Diana Lomonte so truly valuable and unique-- EVERYONE SHOULD WORK WITH HER!!!!


Lisa Greco,
Fitness Trainer,
Westchester, NY

Diana was different from other facilitators that I’ve worked with because she listens to my feedback and works with me as we narrow down the specific muscles and areas of dysfunction. I leave each session feeling like we’ve made progress.  

I feel as if Diana gets all the right spots.  I can now turn my head better over my shoulder, and my torso is able to move more freely. I can stand up straighter with less effort. I really look forward to our sessions. 

I am a fitness trainer so I depend on my body everyday. It’s important that I deal with any injuries or dysfunctions and get relief as quickly as possible. Diana’s willingness to work off of my feedback as part of the treatment has been game changing for me. I would recommend her to all my clients. 

Thank you for everything!

Ron Latz,
Westchester, NY

 Diana provides an excellent service to help your body heal and give it flexibility. 

She is also a very knowledgeable and caring person. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

"I want to thank you for the work you have done to improve my body.  I played tennis today and had no issues whatsoever with my lateral, forward and backward motion on the court.   My neck was pretty good for the most part while serving - only started acting up into the second hour of tennis.  What a difference after only a couple of months of treatment!  Only sore spot was across the lower back.  I look forward to continued improvement!!"